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TDP Mineral Lamp Helps Relieve Chronic Back, Neck and Joint Pain

In fact, the Chinese women’s volleyball Olympic team was one of the first Olympic teams to use the TDP Mineral Lamp in 1984. Since then national athletic soccer, martial arts and ballet teams have also depended on the TDP Mineral Lamp for its positive healing benefits.

Product Review – The NEW Bledsoe Extender Plus Post-Op Knee Brace

If anyone has ever had knee surgery before, and has been placed either in an knee immobilizer or an above knee cast, they will understand this next statement: “It STINKS”! Twenty-seven years ago, when hinged casting was in its infancy, Gary Bledsoe in conjunction with several orthopedic surgeons developed the first Post-Op Knee Brace. Well, Mr. Bledsoe has done it again. The New Bledsoe Extender Plus is exactly what it means. It’s a plus!

Start the Healing With a Fibromyalgia Symptom Checklist

It’s hard to predict what the symptoms of a given case of fibromyalgia (FM) will be, because they can manifest themselves in very different ways in different people. In this article you will find a list of the most common symptoms. By using this checklist and placing a mark next to the different symptoms which describe the way you feel, you’ll give yourself a starting place to use when discussing the possibility that this is what you have with your doctor.

Arch Pain – Common Sense Solutions to Try Before Surgery

Arch pain is a fairly common problem, particularly among people that spend a lot of time on their feet. Police that walk a beat, nurses, salespeople, cashiers and many other careers require constant standing and walking. In order to avoid the problem, these people need shoes that offer support and stability throughout the arches or insoles that provide support and stabilize the heel.

Sore Heels & How to Manage the Pain

Sore heels are no fun. Here you can learn about how to treat them and how to prevent the pain from happening in the future. The cause and the appropriate treatment depend on where it hurts or when the pain occurs.

Tips For Avoiding Foot Pain Caused by High Heeled Shoes

For most women wearing high heeled shoes, foot pain is very common. Although, high heeled shoes are recommended for women who are flatfooted, arch pain and tight calves. The shoes that exceed from 1.5 can be damaging to the ball of your foot.

Heel Pain Got You Down? Here Are 3 Exercises to Help Ease Your Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Plantar Fasciitis, or more commonly referred to as heel pain, is a common and painful aggravation of the plantar fascia tendon on the bottom of the foot. This is a painful condition to which the following exercises will help ease the pain or heal the condition.

Both Fuse Ankle & Knee Replacement – Before and After Surgery

Many people wonder what the purpose of ankle fusion is. What it does is remove the surface of the ankle joint by connecting bones with metal rods to allow the tibia, which is your larger lower leg bone, and the talus, which is the highest bone in your foot, to grow together.

Here is How Much That Industrial Piercing Will Hurt

Many people are apprehensive about getting an industrial piercing because they are concerned over the amount of pain involved. Here is information about the procedure and how much it will hurt.

Kidney Pain – What Can Cause it?

Kidney pain can be caused by a variety of medical conditions. Read about some of them here.

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