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Plantar Fasciitis – Foot Pain Affecting Millions of Americans (and Even Eli Manning)

Recently NFL quarterback Eli Manning has developed plantar fasciitis. Anyone who has developed this condition is well aware of it, however many Americans do not fully understand the basics of this very common cause of heel and arch pain. Eli Manning’s injury during a game brings to light a less common cause of plantar fasciitis, but millions of Americans develop this condition without having to injure it on the playing field. This article will discuss this common condition, and how it is properly treated.

Headaches – How You Get Them and How to Get Rid of Them

It is estimated that nearly 45 million Americans suffer from headaches and of these, at least 25 million Americans have them recurring on a weekly basis. Headaches have actually been classified into nearly 150 categories, ranging from severe migraines to light tension headaches and everything in between.

Knee Pain Treatment – Traditional VS Non-Traditional

What can we say about knee pain treatment. Some treatment involves surgery and others involve taking prescription medication but all done in the name of pain relief. The problem is when we treat symptoms and not the cause of the symptom what are we really accomplishing.

Treating a Degenerative Knee Condition – The Problem That Will Frustrate You!

If you ever wanted helpful information on degenerative knee conditions then this article was written for you. This free information can help make a difference for you.

How to Stop Shoulder Pain Without Further Injury

Do you need to know how to stop shoulder pain fast? If just typing on the keyboard can sometimes send a spasm of pain shooting through your shoulder and arms then you know the answer is YES and also you know just how restricting having an injured or problematic shoulder can be. However many people who take action to cure shoulder pain do so in a slapdash manner without treating the underlying issues and often end up with a short period pain free before they end up with a worse injury to the same shoulder or the other too!

Heat Or Cold For Sore Shoulders? What Does Your Sore Shoulder Need?

If you are confused about the issue of heat or cold for sore shoulders then you need to understand a bit about shoulder injuries as well as what heat and cold do to the body when you apply it to your skin. This is important because if you are suffering from shoulder pain you need to reduce pain quick and applying the wrong pack to your shoulder can cause more damage ion the long run for reasons you will understand soon.

Remedy For Sore Shoulders – Diet, Exercise & More

A remedy for sore shoulders is something you desperately need when the pain and torment of an injured or persistently sore shoulder becomes too much to bear. With the sheer amount of actions you need to use your shoulders with in life it is incredibly debilitating for your waking life and a nightmare to try to sleep through as well. This leads to many people seeking a quick fix from pain killers or even jumping at the chance for surgery when such measures are not needed.

Pain Relief – Shoulder Tendinitis & Your Diet

Pain relief for shoulder tendinitis is not just about pain killers and cold packs on a sore shoulder. These are temporary things and while they might help to some degree initially to really cut down on the pain you need a longer term solution to deal with it as well as fixing the actual problem of tendinitis quickly!

Fibromyalgia – Boost Your Energy With Siberian Ginseng Tea

Fibromyalgia symptoms include muscle pain and extreme fatigue in the muscles. Your energy is low and even simple housework can seem daunting. You can boost your energy level with a simple natural herb called Siberian ginseng.

Natural Home Remedy For Piles

A natural home remedy for piles is a far better option than over the counter medication or even surgery, neither of which can provide a permanent cure. However, there is no doubt that topical treatments can help give some soothing relief for piles and may even shrink the blood vessels temporarily. However, once the treatment is stopped, the piles will revert back to how they were prior to treatment as nothing has been done to address the cause.

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