R3 Grants in Illinois -Restore, Reinvest, Renew Illinois DIAs with Cannabis

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Fighting Pain With Nutrition

Using pharmaceuticals long-term can only do you harm, not good. Fight your pain with nutrition, and you will experience benefits that go far beyond the elimination of pain, as meaningful as that is.

Radiofrequency Ablation Of the Sacroiliac Joint (SI Joint)

Pain in the sacroiliac joint causes low back pain in 10 to 25% of those with chronic low back pain. Unfortunately, there are 2 SI joints which can both cause pain at any one point in time due to degenerative arthritis. The SI joints have cartilage just like any other joint and can be afflicted with painful arthritis.

The Basics of an FDA Clinical Trial

When a company decides to sponsor an FDA clinical trial, there are a few phases prior to approval for a particular indication. After the FDA gives approval to conduct the human aspect of studying the medication or a procedure, there is a particular method performing the study to make it valid. The studies are actually really expensive and have a high risk but high reward for a sponsoring company.

Modern Pain Management With Collaborative Care

Pain in the United States is an extremely common phenomenon. A report from the Institute of Medicine last year showed that one third of the country is dealing with a chronic pain problem. When the patient seeks treatment at a pain clinic, the most modern treatment plans now consists of comprehensive treatment.

Risk Factors for Osteoporosis and Hip Fractures

When it comes to osteoporosis, there are certain risk factors which people can avoid, and then there are those which are unavoidable. So obviously you want to make changes in the ones where you can make a difference. Osteoporosis can predispose an individual to fractures in the wrist, hip, and the spine.

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