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What is Plantar Fasciitis Exercise?

Plantar fasciitis is a foot disorder usually felt as pain in the bottom of your foot around the heel. Exercise is reported as a very effective treatment measure, you can do it anytime, anywhere and it does not cost anything.

Runner’s Knee Pain – Cause, Symptoms and Prevention

Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t. Runners knee bothering you? find help inside…

Proper Exercise For Shoulder Pain

People need to understand on how to cope with an injured rotator cuff, on how they diagnose them, their symptoms and workouts to bring comfort. Because our shoulders are use for an extensive number of movements to the rotator cuff may be very disturbing experience. So what triggers shoulder pain?

Have You “Swollen Knee” Pain?

Swelling in the knee joint can be an indication of a plethora of problems. Knee swelling occurs when there is an accumulation of fluid around the knee joint; this may be as a result of trauma, disease or infection.

Treatments For Knee Pain

“I use to do so much stuff but ever since I got this pain in my knee my life has been turned upside down.” If this sounds like you then you are not alone as knee pain affects a significant portion of the population.

Who Else Wants Knee Pain Relief?

Knee pain can be a real burden on one’s day to day life; especially if you live an active life. Knee pain may inhibit your ability to climb stair, play a sport or even share a dance with that special someone. Knee pain affects persons of all age and lifestyle, from the old and frail to the young and active, it is a problem that does not discriminate.

Chronic Knee Pain – Cause, Treatment and Prevention

The knee is a pretty important body part, a point I am sure most of us can agree on, however If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from chronic knee pain you can take solace in the fact that you are not alone as this is a problem that affects thousands of people worldwide. Chronic knee pain refers to pain in the knee that develops and worsens over time. There are various causes of chronic knee pain and the older one gets the greater the chances of developing any of these problems. The causes of chronic knee pain can usually be attributed to two things excessive tension/strain on the knees and diseases.

Plantar Fasciitis Secrets – Proper Postural and Structural Assessment is the Key to Success!

Quick, fast and effective plantar fasciitis treatment revolves around proper assessment of the posture of the lower limbs, pelvis and spine. An assessment by a suitably qualified professional such as a Podiatrist, physiotherapist, physical therapist, chiropractor, osteopath and musculo-skeletal specialist should be obtained as soon as possible.

Serrapeptase Enzyme 4 Good Health

I have lived with pain for many years. My attitude changed my world and everyone near me and not in a pleasant way! I found the answer!!! Thank God and Serrapeptase for less pain and better health.

What Happens After the Pills Stop Killing the Pain & Begin Causing Addiction?

You have chronic pain. The most logical thing in your mind is to see your doctor, right? WRONG! If you don’t know it by now, learn it this very moment. Doctors cause addiction. Once addiction happens, your doctor has you as a faithful patient with a secure income for himself.

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