Sometimes You Need a Bus to Legalize Cannabis

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Chronic Back Pain and Healthy Relationships

Many couples affected by chronic back pain also suffer from a declining sex life and lack of intimacy. Learn ways to have painless sex and to keep intimacy alive in the absence of sex.

You Cannot Control Your Posture

Last week I defined posture, not as an ideal position, but as the necessary stability from which all healthy movement is derived. Today I am talking about the first step in re-engaging postural control. How did we get here? The human body is awe-inspiring. It is capable of moving with speed, power, agility, stamina, and grace – in an amazingly wide range of motions. It is also capable of adapting to the demands that are placed upon it. Unfortunately, most of us no longer move the way our body was designed to move. We weren’t trained to. The training grounds that once shaped The Human Body no longer exist. What we have instead are cars, couches, computers and ergonomic chairs. These are the new “training grounds” and our body has adapted to them well. For many, it has adapted too well.

Knee Issues – Why A Knee Brace Can Help You Overcome Pain and Instability

When you look back on how your knee has been feeling lately, are you bothered by what comes to mind? Do you want to do something about it? – Then read on.

Can Chronic Pain Be Treated Through Gene Therapy?

Chronic pain in the US affects over 100 million individuals according to a recent Institute of medicine study. The definition of chronic pain is if it lasts longer than 3 months or sticks around after the initial injury is gone. This statistic cannot be ignored and represents a true epidemic along with the exponential increase in narcotic usage in the country. Multiple options exist for pain relief, and now a new one may be on the horizon – gene therapy. Researchers have now identified a pain causing gene, which could end up leading to more effective treatments.

Are We Getting Too Many Surgeries?

I was reading the other day that Americans had over 300,000 knees replaced last year. This same author said that the predictions for knee replacements would be 3..4 million by 2030.

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