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Heel Pain – It’s Not Always Plantar Fasciitis

With all of the talk about plantar fasciitis in some famous athletes, it should be noted that there are many causes of heel pain. Many people jump to the conclusion that if they have heel pain, they must have plantar fasciitis. This is not always the case.

Pain Management For Chinese Immigrants Suffering From Cancer and Other Illnesses

Pain is pain is pain. Right. Wrong, if you are referring to pain among Chinese immigrants suffering from cancer and other debilitating physical illnesses. In this land of opportunity and free will, this population is often restricted by their own cultural, psychological and family-related beliefs as well as attitudes imposed upon them due to their sociodemographic status. Solutions are simple but not easy.

Chronic Pain – Tools For Living Life and Living Better

Chronic pain doesn’t have to ruin your life. Learn some quick tools that will really make a difference. Simi therapist for pain management Deborah Tucker offers tips that may help.

Orthodics Shoe Inserts

So many people in the modern day working era are on their feet constantly all day and have severe foot pain. Many people are using shoe inserts to help relieve their foot and back pain. They are a quick an easy solution to help ease some of the pain associated with an aching back and feet.

Exercises For Shoulder Pain Helps to Rebuild Strength

Consider doing exercises for shoulder pain instead of shots, pain pills or surgery and you might find that you are stronger and healthier than you thought possible. Recently, instead of recommending surgery or pain medications, many health care professionals are recommending that you begin an exercise program which will help you to ease your pain and help you to rebuild the strength that you have been lacking in your shoulders.

Electronic Acupuncture Can Help Relieve and Heal Calf Pain in the Leg

When you lead a physically energetic life with such activities as walking, jogging or some other sports to keep in shape, you do increase your chances of an injury. One of the most frustrating to treat is calf pain. The lower half of your leg is the calf muscle and when you hurt it in any way, the most immediate treatment is rest, ice, compression and elevation.

African Americans May Not Seek Pain Managment For Cancer

Social work studies conducted in the 1960’s and 1970’s indicated that patients would tend to stay in treatment longer if the treating health care practitioners either looked like them or showed real empathy for their plight. In addition, historically, pain management has not been seen as a science nor as an urgent treatment necessity. Patients may not feel that they trust their provider. The health environment may be disrespectful or exhibit downright discrimination. Adequate information and resources may not be readily available. But this inequity is gradually being addressed by greater cultural sensitivity among healthcare professionals and other concerned groups.

Heat Cramps and Shin Splints – What You Need to Know!

If you have ever endured a leg cramp, you know how much pain they can cause. Leg cramps occur when muscles contract and spasm without notice. The pain can be intense, but typically only last a few moments and usually go away on their own.

Chiropractic Cure For Neck Pain

Neck pain is a serious condition and the most common problem faced by all ages of people. In severe pain cases it is advisable to contact a chiropractor as soon as possible. The purpose of a Chiropractic Cure is to get rid of any physical ailment through natural means.

Natural Treatment of Pain With One Common Homeopathic Medicine

Any pain is unpleasant to say the least, and debilitating at worst. Pain killers undoubtedly work for some people and conditions, but by no means all. And they are only masking the problem. They do nothing to treat the cause. Certainly they do nothing for your liver, and so long term health. But if you understand why you are suffering, it’s much easier to both tolerate and to treat.

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