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The Danger of Repetitive Stress Injuries

Repetitive stress injuries (RSI) are a dangerous form of injury that can develop as the result of repeated motion or exertion. The damage in these injuries is done to the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, and can be chronic and painful. Repetitive stress injuries can affect people in a wide variety of fields, jobs, and recreations. Office workers and blue-collar workers are both likely to suffer these injuries, as are athletes and people use frequently use computers. People from virtually all walks of life can be affected by RSIs.

Why I Love Superfeet Insoles

Superfeet Premium Insoles help relieve the pain and discomfort caused by an unsupported foot during everyday activities, sports, and work. Every insole Superfeet designs is based on the proven principles of podiatric medicine.

Pain Relief – How to Beat Chronic Pain

Pain is an informational signal that cautions us about an impending health problem, an injury or something not right is going on in our body. That’s the time when we start taking painkillers or see a doctor. Pain disrupts our daily life routine and our welfare in many ways.

Energetic Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an entrapment and compression of the median nerve at the wrist. This supposedly happens because of repetitive hand movements such as those used in typing on the keyboard of a modern computer. It is a prevalent modern day occupational problem.

About Joint Pains

Joint pain can be caused from injury, degenerative disease, stress from overuse, and cartilage damage leading to inflammation of the joint(s). Joint pain results in decreased mobility, decreased activity level AND lifestyle, affects your sleep due to increased pain at night, and ultimately decreased energy and increased overall stress. Pain is not privy to any ‘one’ joint as it can affect the spine from your neck to your tailbone, as well as your upper and lower limbs.

Choosing Good Zumba Shoes For Flat Feet

The biggest mistake that most people with flat feet make when selecting Zumba shoes is getting the wrong style of shoe. A person with flat feet needs extra support in the right areas. Now, a person with normal arches might get away with wearing a pair of running or walking shoes to Zumba class but if you have flat feet you will be in quite a bit of pain.

Do You Want to Know More About Pain?

First during the exam, the doctor will get the identifying data such as name, age, and occupation. The doctor will get the source of referral, the source of history, whether or not it came from the patient, or a guardian and the chief complaint, which is the reason that the patient came into the office in the first case. During the history the doctor will ask many questions.

Easing the Fears of Knee Replacement Surgery

If you are considering knee replacement surgery, you have probably already been living with terrible pain for years. Although the idea of being able to walk and play again without pain sounds great, there is always a natural fear about surgery that we all go through.

What Are the Best Natural Cures For Injuries?

Natural cures, by definition, support your body’s best efforts to achieve a cure as rapidly as possible. You body is already doing what it can, but it can be hampered by a suppressed or compromised immune system. Few people have an immune system that is as effective as it should be. But, by using homeopathy, you are stimulating this essential part of your health to achieve rapid and problem-free cure for your injury.

Osteoarthritis Alternative Treatment For Relief in Order to Get Back to Doing Those Things You Love

Osteoarthritis may take the fun out of those actions you love to do. Osteoarthritis may affect almost any joint within your body and hurt. It often affects the hips, neck, hands, knees and back.

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