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Trigeminal Neuralgia – Find Out More About This Treatment

Trigeminal neuralgia can be easily cured. Let us look at the drugs provided for these treatment measures.

Relieving Shoulder Pain With The Emotion Code

We spend millions of dollars each year for pain killers, analgesics, visits to the doctor for our shoulder pain. Yet, there’s a simple, all-natural, and painless solution developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson that could permanently rid you of your shoulder pain.

Magnetic Therapy – Does It Work?

Magnetic therapy has been around for centuries, but does it really work? Many claim that magnets can offer pain relief to humans and animals by aiding blood circulation, but what are the facts?

Should You Take Antidepressants For Chronic Back Pain?

Anti-depressants are often prescribed to people with nonspecific chronic back pain; there is no solid evidence, however, that they are an effective treatment for back pain. Learn the benefits and risks associated with the use of this type of medication.

Reversing Injuries – The “4 Hour Body” Way

Timothy Ferriss has battered his body in the pursuit of surpassing “perceived limits” encompassing the dis-pleasures of physical, dietary, chemical & temperature extremities but how do you repair a broken “heart” not to mention the rest of Ferriss’s bag of bones. The “4HB” programme highlights five treatment regimes that Ferriss claims have fixed long term injuries that were said by many to be permanent & at the very least he found that these preferred practises rapidly accelerated injury repair. He also highlights the “4M’s” which outline his working order for positive rehabilitation.

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