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What Are the Best Shoes to Help Relieve Ankle, Knee, Hip Or Back Pain? – Nurse’s Guide

If you’re suffering from back pain or lower back pain or pain in the ankles, knees or hips you may be wondering if your shoes are causing it. This is a common question and supposedly easy problem to solve if the shoes you’re wearing are causing your pain and you need instant pain relief.

Symptoms of Kidney Stone – What Are the Signs?

Pain is the most common symptom of kidney stones. It is a result of the stone trying to be pushed by the urerter muscles into the bladder. This can be a quick and sudden pain, which most the time is. Or it can be a long pain, but this is not the common case.

The Natural Way to Get Rid of Hemroids

If you thought that trying to get rid of hemroids would be a nightmare, there is good news. A herbal hemroids treatment, known as Neo Healar, is now available in the market. Its effectiveness in treating various hemroid conditions has been clinically proven. Some of these are mild hemorrhoids symptoms, bleeding and thrombosed hemorrhoids, external and internal hemorrhoids, and even anal fissures, where it was once believed that surgery was inevitable.

Are You a Woman Suffering From Extreme Foot Pain?

If you’re a woman suffering from extreme foot pain I definitely understand how difficult this can be on an everyday basis. It is very hard to stand up all day on your feet knowing that the foot pain is not going to go away. Most people suffer from some kind of pain but the worst pain is the one on the foot because remember you’re always walking in order to get someplace and your always constantly moving. This is why extreme foot pain is one of the most difficult things to handle specially for women.

Joint Pain Relief – What You Can Do

Victims of joint pain are increasingly of all ages. In children, this is mostly due to the computer age. Kids who spend a lot of time on computers and playing video games are getting joint pain at a very young age. But what can you do for joint pain relief?

Aching Legs, Sore Feet? Medical Support Hose to the Rescue!

Aching legs, sore feet – how many of you reading this article have a problem with one or the other? Or perhaps both? If you have a career like mine (part-time nurse, full time online entrepreneur junkie), you will find that when your feet or legs hurt, your world is a very, very different place.

How Do the Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Injury Differ From a Frozen Shoulder?

What causes a rotator cuff tear and what is the best way to treat it? Know the symptoms of rotator cuff injury and you’ll understand this injury better.

Cryotherapy, Acute Injury and Pain Control

Cryotherapy is also known as “cold hydrotherapy” and can take the form of ice, frozen gel packs or submersion into cold water. It is most beneficial when an acute injury occurs, and will assist in pain control and reduce swelling and bruising.

Warm Hydrotherapy For Chronic Injury Pain

The use of warm hydrotherapy, also known in therapeutic massage as deep moist heat, is an excellent way to control and alleviate the pain and achiness associated with chronic injuries. Deep, moist heat is an excellent way to help control this pain as a part of homecare, and is also used pre-treatment by massage therapists to prepare and warm up the tissues.

Understanding How to Conquer Knee Joint Pain

As we grow older the body begins to develop aches and pains, especially in the area of the knees. Knee joint pain can be the result of arthritis that forms after years of abuse to the joints, inflammation caused by bursitis or a sudden injury to the knee. In a moment we will discuss how to conquer the pain in your knees.

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