Smoke Stories: Jack Herer Converts an Anti-Pot Activist from Marijuana Anonymous with Hemp

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Central Pain Syndrome – Can It Be When The Brain Can’t Sense Cold, It Feels Pain Instead?

Virtually all pain develops within the periphery following trauma, injury or illness to a body part. In some cases pain is produced in the brain as opposed to in your body. During these rare circumstances your body part might have heeled from its original physical injury, nevertheless the brain will keep sensing the discomfort. In such a situation we call this a central pain syndrome.

Stem Cell Therapy: Hope For Those With Sciatic Nerve Damage

Sciatica rarely results in permanent nerve damage, but when it is, the results are devastating. Stem cell therapy offers new hope to those with debilitating nerve damage.

Is Chiropractic An Effective Shoulder Pain Treatment?

Chiropractors are very helpful in providing shoulder pain treatment. If you are experiencing problems lifting objects, inability to raise the arm, swelling around the joint, shoulder pain even when resting, pain that persists longer than 2-3 days and other unusual pain around the shoulder, you need the help of a chiropractor.

Sciatica Treatment: Simple and Quick Home Remedies

There are lots of ways to get treatment for sciatica. It can be through painful and costly surgeries, or through natural and affordable home remedies. Which do you prefer? The answer will probably depend on the patient’s condition. Home remedies are designed for mild sciatica pain, if the condition extends beyond the ordinary, other medical or surgeries may be required, though.

Tennis Elbow Treatment And The Inflammation Myth

Treatment for Tennis Elbow usually includes treating inflammation, as if it caused the problem – But this is a medical myth. Learn why “fighting” inflammation is not a sensible treatment approach if your goal is to heal and recover permanently from your Tennis Elbow pain.

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