The House Approves Over 12 Federal Marijuana Provisions

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Pain Management

Pain management is a multidisciplinary approach of medicine intended to improve the quality of life for the patient who otherwise is limited by sufferings caused by pain. The analysis of pain and its origin is critical in the entire course of pain management.

Scalar Energy Pendant – What Does a Scalar Pendant Do?

In order to answer the question what does a Scalar Energy Pendant do, we need to know what a scalar energy pendant is. They are popping up all over the Internet, being sold as beneficial pendants; as the way to obtaining holistic balance in the physical energy, and natural frequencies of the body.

Scientists Reveal Olive Oil Stops Inflammation

For years scientists have wondered why those that eat a Mediterranean diet tend to be healthier than those that consume other types of diets. Through the accumulation of years of research, studies have revealed at least one element of this particular diet that contributes to the good health of those that consume a Mediterranean diet.

Hammock Your Back Pain Away

Proper use of a hammock can really ease the tension on the lower back. Discover the best hammocks to relieve back pain.

Hip Pain at Night? The Problems of Pain and Lack of Sleep

Hip pain at any time is hard to handle, but hip pain at night when you should be relaxing and getting a good night’s sleep, even mild pain can seem to be intensified to an unmanageable degree. This is especially true when pain disturbs your sleep, either because you cannot get comfortable enough to relax and fall asleep or because the stress of ongoing pain affects your mood and your ability to “switch off”.

The Importance of Chiropractic Care in Treating Auto Accident Injuries

Auto accidents are one of the leading causes of spinal injury. Vehicular accidents are inevitable and hundreds of Americans get injured everyday because of these. Many do not realize that even though they had survived even from a minor car accident unscathed, there can be possibilities that they may develop a serious problem later in life that will cause a lot of pain and suffering in the future.

Trusted Home Remedies For Fibromyalgia Pain

Although there is a great deal of medication available for fibromyalgia, the best pain medication for fibromyalgia, in my opinion, is still considered to be the natural home remedy. In the long run, natural pain relief is safer because it is more manageable and it is also easier to administer.

New Pain Management Technologies Are Eliminating Drugs and Surgery

Over the past 35 years there have been massive changes in new pain management technologies. Many of these new pain management technologies and devices evolved because patients were rejecting the use of drug medications that failed to address the causation of the pain.

Shoe Style & Posture Tips to Increase Joint Support

Tip #1 Lower the high heels. If your place of employment doesn’t include a fashion runway, chances are you can live without high heels. Experts say a three-inch heel stresses your foot 7 times more than a one-inch heel.

A Basic Guide to Knee Braces

Anyone from the professional athlete to the construction worker can make use of a knee brace. If you are experiencing joint pain in the knees or back-pain across the spine, you might need a knee brace.

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