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Causes, Symptoms and Care of an Ingrown Fingernail

An ingrown fingernail is a condition where the nail grows into the peripheral nail bed. The peripheral soft tissues or the paronychium gets inflamed and becomes painful due to the inward growth of the nail and leads to pain. The inflammation further leads to hyper granulation of the tissues and this makes the nail bury into the swollen nail bed. The inflammation can occur on a single side or can even be on both the sides of a finger.

An Ingrown Fingernail Can Be a Painfully Serious Condition

Typically someone who has an ingrown fingernail has his nail growing into the skin of that finger. This usually occurs when the nail grows incorrectly. It can develop into a serious condition particularly if it is accompanied by a fungal infection. These can be extremely painful and can cause a lot of distress and uneasiness. Ingrown fingernails occur when the edge of the nail curves into the skin to become embedded in the skin around that area. As it grows further down it begins to hurt the finger and can also set off a fungal infection around the site of discomfort. In general ingrown toenails are more common. Fortunately this condition can be easily treated from the home and if the right preventive steps are taken, you can get rid of the problem once and for all.

How to Tackle the Problem of an Ingrown Fingernail

Ingrown fingernail is a very common occurrence in thousands of people located all over the globe. This problem crops up when the nail grows in a faulty way in the direction of the skin. Even though most people do not give adequate importance to this condition, it can turn out to be quite a severe complication if left unattended or when it is accompanied by a fungal infection. The victim may experience pain and even severe uneasiness when the condition worsens.

How to Effectively Treat an Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown fingernail is a condition in which the nail grows or cuts into the nail bed followed by inflammation and pain. Though this condition is mostly found in the toenail, fingernails can be affected too. Many a times, it can occur due to inflammation of the paronychium leading to granuloma of the nail bed.

How to Relieve Toenail Pain

Almost all of us experience toenail pain at least once in our life. It is, in fact, a very bitter experience of our life. It is because the toe is usually exposed when we are performing simple day-to-day matters like walking, jogging or working. Moreover, during strenuous physical activities like competitive running and sports, the toe is at high risk of being injured. We can easily avoid terrible toenail pain by taking care of the foot in the right way.

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