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Three Reasons Why Drug Testing Patients Is The Appropriate Thing To Do

According to a recent NIH study, 1 in 3 Americans is dealing with some sort of pain issue, and the cost of pain in the US exceeds $550 billion dollars annually. An unbelievable twenty percent of doctor visits entails a narcotic prescription. The rise in narcotic prescriptions in the US over the past decade has been exponential. One of the main methods of safeguards for a doctor prescribing narcotics is drug testing, and here are 3 reasons why it is very important.

How To Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain Easily

Lower back pain is a common problem that plagues millions of people the world over. Some of the common causes of lower back pain are a serious fall that injured the lower back, pregnancy, lack of exercise or exercising in the wrong way, being overweight and sleeping on the wrong type of mattress. Fortunately, there are various methods for how to get rid of lower back pain. While an operation may be a last resort, one should consider trying some of the pain relieving methods outlined below.

Traumeel Cream

For the vast majority of people their perfect day involves getting up venturing outdoors and also actually being productive in some form or another. Whether or not it’s going for a single stroll about your own neighborhood along with particular chums or even driving to any park and actively playing a fabulous game of catch just about everyone loves to end up being outdoors on any nice day. Great days do not come around as quite often as a number of us would probably wish and so the last problem anyone expect will be for one to arrive and not…

Does Inversion Therapy Work For Low Back Pain?

Inversion therapy is a treatment that involves anti-gravity. A person’s feet are put into some sort of tight shoes, and the individual hangs upside down in search of pain relief. Does it work? Is it safe?

Common Forms of Knee Injuries and Proper Treatment

Your knee is a complex joint that is made up of several parts such as bones, cartilage, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, all working as one. Because your knee is an active weight-bearing joint, it is highly vulnerable to injury. Knee injury refers to the stress or damage to any of its parts and it may occur in different ways. While surgery may be used to correct knee injuries, many of them can be successfully treated without surgery.

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