Cannabis Marketing 101: Black Friday Edition

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Why Is Chronic Pain The Most Prevalent Reason For Seeking a Medical Card?

In the current era, there is a push towards individual states legalizing marijuana for medicinal use. At this point, 16 states plus the District of Columbia have legalized it and there are over 10 more states with it on the imminent horizon. Federally, it remains illegal and a Schedule 1 narcotic. One of the ubiquitous reasons for legalizing medicinal marijuana is the debilitating condition of chronic pain. This is the number one reason in every state that has it legalized for usage, and in some states it is the overwhelming favorite. Why?

The Steps To Recovery After Hip Replacement Surgery

With technological advancements in the medical industry, hip replacement surgery has come a long way in the past 40 years. Recovery times and rates have improved due to better technology and procedures.

How To Avoid Neck Pain and Discomfort

This article talks about How To Avoid Neck Pain and Discomfort. Get simple tips that can give you a relaxing day, free from neck pain.

Advanced Photonic Light Therapy

Advanced Photonic Light Therapy is a scientifically advanced form of acupuncture using light. Instead of needles to stimulate recognised acupuncture points. A 660 nm monochromatic red light, not laser is used, and offers a safe, painless and efficient method of self treatment, which promotes healing, and largely eliminates the need to endure pain, Our skin has bioelectric sensing systems and as the biggest organ of our body, has three key functions – protective, sensory as well as thermoregulatory. Humans are not alone in having bioelectric capability as this also exists in the skins or external coverings of fish, reptiles, and mammals.

Five Of The Biggest Trends In Pain Management

The field of pain management is continually evolving. In some respects the treatments are improving substantially, and once in a while a trailblazing new treatment comes about. One of the more prominent evolutions, however, has simply been a better recognition of treating a person’s pain appropriately rather than either ignoring or under treatment. Here are five of the most prominent evolutions (or regressions) in pain treatment that we are seeing currently.

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