Germany Ready To Legalize Marijuana

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Foam Rolling For IT Band Problems

It seems I have seen a lot of IT band problems in the office lately, and come July and August is when I typically begin to see a lot of plantar fasciitis. I think the reason is that marathon training programs begin for most people around June. For many this results in an increase in mileage that is beyond their initial physical capability.

Medical Marijuana – Legal Uses For Pain Issues and Cancer Health Problems

Dating back to ancient times, marijuana has been used to aid associated discomfort of medical ailments. Until the invention of aspirin in 1897, people used medical marijuana to relieve body pain in adults as well as alleviate nausea, depression, hemorrhoids and to treat women after they gave birth.

Sharp Heel Pain is Most Likely Plantar Fasciitis

When the symptom is sharp pain heel spurs are not usually the cause, although they may also be present. The most common cause is excessive stretching or flattening of the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a long band of thick fibrous tissue that connects to your heels to your toes and normally supports the arch. It is not very flexible. Its primary function is as a shock absorber.

Simple Pain Relief Tips

Experiencing pain is a feeling triggered by the nervous system. Pain can be very sharp or even sometimes a dull feeling. There may be times that pain will be constant or even times when it will come and go.

Are You Ready For a New Pair of Shoes? Here Are 5 Tips to Choosing the Best Shoes For Your Feet

Your feet are an extremely important part of your life. Treat your feet to the best life possible. Here are some tips you can use to find the best shoes for your feet if you suffer from plantar fasciitis.

Stomach Always Hurts? 3 Major Causes For Chronic Stomach Pain

Do you often feel that your stomach always hurts? If so then today I have 3 major causes of chronic abdominal & stomach pain which you might not even be aware of. I’ll also provide a quick solution to each problem so you can begin feeling better. It’s likely you’re being affected by at least 1 of these 3 if not all 3 causes!

What is Involved in the Ingrown Toenail Surgery Procedure

An ingrown toenail is a painful condition that occurs when your toenail grows into a fold of skin on your toe. This causes your toe to become sore, red, and to swell.

Common Ailments and How Hydrotherapy Helps

Some of the most common ailments affecting seniors can be mitigated by using hydropathic remedies. Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest pain relieving remedies in the world. Hydrotherapy has been used and proven to reduce symptoms ranging from diseases as serious as diabetes and arthritis to relieving pain associated with the common strained muscle.

The Several Risk Factors Associated With Fibromyalgia

In America, around ten million people suffer from fibromyalgia. Researchers and doctors have not been able to give information on the causes of Fibromyalgia. There are certain risk factors that can make a person more vulnerable to fibromyalgia.

Five Ways to Minimize Risk of a Herniated Disc

If you’ve ever experienced the pain associated with a herniated disc, it’s not a sensation you ever want to ever feel again. But unless you take measures to improve the condition of your back and spine, your next painful bout with a slipped disc may be just around the corner.

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