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How to Cost-Effectively Market Your Pain Management Practice on the Internet

Pain management as a medical practice can be a highly profitable venture, however, a lot of pain practices have figured this out so it can be a competitive marketing problem to acquire new patients. Here are 5 Internet marketing tips that can help you acquire new patients to your pain practice.

The Low Down on Shoulder Injections for Pain Management

What are the different types of shoulder injections and how well do they work? First of all when a patient has shoulder pain it is important to figure out exactly what the diagnosis is that is causing the discomfort. Once that is done, the appropriate injection can be chosen to help the most, either into the shoulder joint, AC joint, or the subacromial space, or around an inflamed biceps tendon.

How Pain Management Patients Remember What Their Doctors Say

It is simply amazing how many patients in this country suffer from some sort of chronic pain. A new study last year done by the Institute of Medicine showed that over one third of the United States suffers from a chronic pain problem. This cost well over $500 billion a year in healthcare costs.

The Difference Between Evolutionary and Revolutionary Pain Management

Pain management has evolved substantially over the last 15 years. Completely new technology has come into existence but there has also been improvements on existing technology. This includes such things as new ways to do injections, new methods of spinal manipulations, along with new machines such as radiofrequency ablation.

TMJ Pain Relief

One in four Americans suffers from TMJ or TMD symptoms. The symptoms can range from clicking of the joint when opening to severe debilitating pain. Not only can the TMJ be affected, the back of the head, shoulders, neck can also be affected. Since TMJ can be presented in many way, there are many ways to address and cure the pain.

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