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The Truth About Shin Splints

Shin splints are is a term coined for the pain you experience in your lower leg. “Shin splints” is also called medial tibial stress fractures. This injury is common to runners, gymnast and people who love to walk. Sporty people also suffer this injury.

Easing Sore Muscles

Late spring is the season when we come out of the winter cocoon and dive in to outdoor activities again. This includes fun sports like tennis and golf. And it also includes the fun household jobs such as lawn mowing, weeding, mulching, and gardening.

Do You Have Gym Pain – DOMS Pain!

People are now very conscious of their outer appearance and weight. All of us want to go to gym and start a new exercise program so we can start losing our excess weight and have a great muscle tone. But having the discipline to stick to your work-out program is hard enough, what more if you experience soreness after doing it? All of us have probably experience this. This is called delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS.

What is Transient Synovitis?

Some parents are shocked to know that their child is experiencing pain in the hip. This sometimes make the parents panic unnecessarily. Transient synovitis is usually the common cause of the pain experienced by kids as young as 3 to 10 years old. This condition may complicate to arthralgia and arthritis. But sometimes this also occurs if the child had sore throat or had a flu recently.

Thumb Spica Splint – Immobilize Your Thumb and Wrist

With our frequent and prolonged use of computers or laptops, we may have already experienced pain from it. Participating in long and exhausting piano lessons, guitar lessons and even sports that utilizes the use of our wrist can also cause pain. If you are experiencing this, then you might want to consult your physician. This may be a symptom of tendinitis of the wrist or also called tenosynovitis.

What is De Quervains Tenosynovities?

Have you ever experience pain while carrying your grocery bags through the loops? Is it painful when forming a fist? This painful sensation in the base of the thumb can be very annoying. It sometimes distracts us from doing our daily activities. We must address this problem. But first, let us first know what De Quervain’s tenosynovities is.

Managing Your Own Pain

Depending on the severity of your pain some can be managed by trying things ourselves before grabbing any type of medication. There are several things you can try that just may be that natural remedy you are looking for.

Adjustable Beds to Ease the Body Pain!

Physical challenges may pose problems and cause discomfort to carry out your mundane tasks. To walk around, sit for long or even to sleep may be a painful task.

Taking Chronic Out of Pain

The patient who suffers from such chronic pain diagnosis as RSD, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Sciatica, Chronic low back pain and degenerative disc disease to name a few is not experiencing typical cause and effect pain symptoms. These patients have had to learn to live with pain, generally becoming worse over time.

Non-Narcotic Pain Management Technology, Making Its Way to the Market

There is another groundbreaking invention forcing its way to the market. There may be new hope for those patients who typically have not responded to any treatment protocol performed in accordance with Multidrug Therapy (MDT), or surface electro-stimulation.

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