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Knowing Different Type Of Knee Brace For Running

It is already known that knee injury is the most common form of injury a runner can suffer, and the effective way to prevent these injury is to use a form of knee brace for running. There are some types of braces in the market that made based on the type of injury sustained. Read our report to find out more.

Scar Tissue: Cause of Chronic Muscle Pain and Reinjury

If you have an overuse injury or recurring soft tissue injury, you likely have scar tissue formation. Learn how this type of tissue causes pain and how it can be resolved.

Latest on Osteoarthritis Knee Joint

The technique of “Unmasking and treating the underlying problem”: This technique is being explained for the first time. It is a source of new hope for the patients, and gives promising results. It also gives us the clue and the knowledge of a new etiology for the symptom of Pain Knee Joint. Clinically our work has proved that the pain knee is due to lesions that are outside the joint and the aging process has nothing to do with it.

Feet Without Pain

Exploration into why feet hurt. Advice on how to remove pain from feet.

Gluten Sensitivity Can Trigger Autoimmunity and Chronic Pain

Gluten sensitivity is an under diagnosed common trigger of many autoimmune illnesses and chronic pain. Once patients discover they have a gluten sensitivity and commence a gluten free diet, their illness and pain often disappears. It’s an amazing yet incredibly simple diagnosis that brings relief to many people suffering needlessly each year. The problem lies with correct testing. The typical testing for gluten intolerance or sensitivity often gives a false negative reading. Unfortunately for the chronic pain or chronic illness sufferer, they are told gluten intolerance is not their problem and the illness continues. Find out how you can avoid this testing and diagnosis error, so you can reclaim your life!

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