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Chiropractic Manipulation While Under Anesthesia

Many people find relief from pain through chiropractic, for those that cannot under normal circumstances find this relief that others are fortunate to experience they may consider manipulation under anesthesia. Manipulation under anesthesia is utilized when patients do not respond to normal treatment, or cannot tolerate that may be pain associated with the treatment due to their condition. In a process designed to break up adhesions and scar tissue in the spine and local tissues, a combination of specified manipulation specific of short-lever, passive stretching and specific citing of weight bearing kinesthetic maneuvers are used in spinal manipulation under…

Chiropractors Help Back Pain Through Subluxation

So, you’re 45 but were acting like you’re 25 this weekend and while playing ball had a feeling something “gave,” and now your back is killing you. You have been trying to ice it down and “rest it”, and have taken some over the counter anti-inflammatories- but it still hurts to tie your shoes and now it’s making it difficult to do your job. What are you going to do?

Basic Treatment of Neuroma and the Role of ESWT

When you feel pain in the ball of your foot, you are most likely suffering from Morton’s neuroma. This is a condition wherein the nerve that leads to the toes becomes swollen or thickened. In some cases, it may feel like stinging pain, numbness, burning in the ball of the foot, or you may feel like you are standing on a marble or a pebble.

Is The Term Vertebral Subluxation Accepted By Chiropractors Or No Longer Appropriate?

Vertebral subluxation, in big words, is the term used by chiropractors in relaying abnormal conditions in the spinal column that includes dysfunctional spinal segmentation mechanics and an active alteration of the body’s neurological function. In laymen’s terms this means that you have a vertebrae out of place and it is causing you pain and could also be affecting other bodily functions such as respiratory, cardiac, digestive, limbs, sleep, or any number of ailments.

Fibromyalgia Questions and Answers – More Questions and Answers

Fibromyalgia is an insidious illness. It affects almost all parts of the body and is a lot more than just pain. One of the frustrating parts is that family, friends and even doctors don’t have any understanding of it, and to the average person, it seems invisible, meaning that many times they cannot tell that a a person with fibromyalgia is very ill. These are questions that I encounter on a daily basis.

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