Governor Again Extends App Submission Deadline

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Left Side and Right Side Lower Back Pain: Common Causes

Where pain is located can tell us a lot about the possible causes. Learn the common causes of left side and right side lower back pain.

Hospice Care and Its Benefits

Hospice care is a growing business and rightfully so. It provides many types of help that hospitals and nursing homes cannot provide, and for a fraction of the cost.

Safe Natural Pain Relief Versus the Risks of Over-The-Counter Pills

Questions You Need to Ask (and the answers) When we are in pain and seek relief we usually do not question the doctor’s advice. We usually take the prescribed drugs or medications as dutifully as a well-trained dog. Patients are paying the price for this blind allegiance resulting in serious side effects-dangerous for some.

TMJ Symptoms – 5 Easy Steps for At Home Relief

Painful TMJ symptoms can range from a minor annoyance to a debilitating condition that can cost lost hours at work. Find out the cause and 5 simple, common sense approaches to help relieve TMJ symptoms and make life more comfortable.

Knee Pain Symptoms

Any number of things can cause knee pain symptoms. Whenever you experience knee pain for an extended period of time it will be a good idea for you to seek the attention of a doctor. This becomes of particular importance when you have no idea what initiated the pain. For example, say you fell on your knee while you were working. You have a good idea of what caused the pain and know that if it does not go away in a reasonable amount of time that you will want to go to a doctor. The same applies if you all of a sudden notice that you have knee pain symptoms without a known cause. It becomes more urgent if the cause is unknown and you will want to get to a doctor.

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