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Chiropractors – Providing Relief for Sciatica Sufferers

Sciatica is a symptom characterized by leg pain that possibly includes numbness, tingling or weakness that starts from the lower back and goes down to the buttocks and to the large sciatic nerves on the legs. This type of pain varies in frequency and intensity. It can be minimal, moderate or severe. A person may experience it occasionally, frequently or constantly in some cases. Pain involved with sciatica is often described as achy, dull, toothache sharp-like, needles and pins or akin to electric shocks. Sciatica is also known as radiating or referred pain, neuralgia or neuropathy. While many think of sciatica as a disorder, it is actually a symptom of a disorder.

Using Yoga As a Means To Aid Rehabilitation From Injury and/or Pain

This article examines the mechanism fort he onset of most types of muscular pain. It explain how our general sedentary lifestyles are accelerating the decline of flexibility and general structural adaptation which results in a breakdown of body function and pain. The advantages of yoga as a adjunct to physical therapy is discussed, showing how a combination of yoga and therapy can accelerate recovery and maintain body function.

The Pain Relief From Spinal Decompression

There are many factors that can cause pressure and compression on the spinal column. It can be due to back injuries or extreme physical activities mixed with gravity that leads to the narrowing of the spinal channels and cause hernia or sciatica over time. This condition of compression of the channels is known as spinal stenosis and this health condition causes bulging of the discs, excruciating pain and other concerns.

Chiropractic and Pain Relief

People who experience lingering pain for weeks at a time or even on a daily basis are suffering from chronic pain. Due to the side effects and the potential habit forming nature of pain medication, many of these people suffering from chronic pain will refuse to take them. Then there are those people who simply cannot take medications due to allergies or other sensitivities. This is why over the past several decades chiropractic care has moved to the front of alternative pain relief treatment.

Sports Tape – Not Just For Olympians

Sports tape, elastic therapeutic tape or athletic tape is a strip of cotton with acrylic adhesive used for treating injuries related to sports, athletics as well as other physical disorders. It is porous, non-elastic and lightweight but it also has a high tensile strength which makes it ideal for giving compression and firm support for the body.

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