How to Review your Cannabis License Application to Boost Score

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Benefits of Beets – Rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Anti-Inflammatory Compounds

The benefits of beets are quite diverse and quite impressive. Beets are not just loaded with a variety of different vitamins and minerals, but they also have all-kinds of health promoting benefits as well. More to Offer than Just Vitamins and Minerals Many focus on the vitamins and minerals in beets, but this is really just a small part of the story.

The Various Type of Pain Management Injections

As the number of pain management patients in United States continues to increase, pain itself is turning into big business. It is often times helpful for patients to receive an injection to avoid or delay surgery, or to allow individuals the ability to participate in physical therapy. Focal injections can also decrease the need for opiate pain medications.

Pain Management Patients in the Emergency Room – How Should They Be Treated?

When pain management patients visit the emergency room, there’s always a question of whether or not the person is a legitimate chronic pain patient, or a “drug seeker”. Narcotic abuse, in the US is at an all-time high and doctors need to be very careful about prescribing opiates to patients with subjective pain complaints in the ER. When a patient presents illegitimately, there often younger, well groomed, and often give a vase of answers.

Does Sciatica Lead to Permanent Damage?

Sciatica from a pinched nerve affects 1% of Americans at any one point in time. That’s well over 3 million people! It involves a burning, searing type of pain that goes down a person’s leg, resulting from a herniated disc pushing on an individual’s nerve root in either the lumbar or sacral part of the spine. Can it lead to permanent nerve damage?

The Basics of Impingement Syndrome of the Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

The most common diagnosis that causes pain in the shoulder is impingement syndrome. What exactly is it? There are actually multiple names for this problem which include rotator cuff tendinitis along with rotator cuff bursitis. Impingement syndrome is an overuse problem that is often seen in athletes, workers who perform repetitive overhead activities, and people in the general population who exercise recreationally.

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