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Using Fluoroscopy in Pain Management Injections

It is truly remarkable what fluoroscopy has done for the field of interventional pain management. Fluoroscopy is a fancy term for the x-ray machine that allows real-time images during treatment. Fluoroscopy has allowed more accurate needle placement as well as allowing the field of pain management to venture into new treatment avenues.

The Basics of an ACL Reconstruction

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament is an important structure for individuals participating in sports requiring significant twisting and cutting activities. This would include soccer, basketball, gymnastics, and baseball for instance. It has been shown to be insufficient to simply suture the torn ligament back together, it just does not have the healing potential.

High Frequency Electrotherapy For Permanent Pain Relief – Interferential

Interferential therapy, given in a clinic, is a form of high frequency therapy that produces carryover pain relief. The interferential changes the body chemistry to retard or eliminate the unwarranted chronic pain message.

Tonsillectomy Recovery – Pain Management

Tonsillectomy as an adult can be a rather harrowing experience. To minimize the pain and discomfort, it helps to plan ahead. Talking with your doctor and preparing your home in advance can greatly improve your recovery experience.

New Research Into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Brings Effective Treatment Closer

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has baffled the medical community for years. New research indicates that the controversial condition may be an autoimmune disorder.

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