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Going To Lift Something Heavy? Some Tips To Avoid Injury

Lifting heavy objects may seem like a breeze to most but you would be amazed how many people hurt themselves needlessly. Read on for some useful tips to avoid injury.

Reduce Pain and Inflammation Through Healthy Eating

Although chemicals are a large part of the problem, there are other reasons why ‘inflammation’ can develop in the body, and that is the type of foods people eat. Becoming aware of which foods can increase the inflammatory response in the body is an important first step.

How To Find Effective Sciatica Treatment

Suffering from sciatica can be painful for the sufferer but also painful for the family that has to watch them suffer from it. Many do not even know that there are a number of different natural sciatica treatment methods out there. The natural treatment methods are not only great for helping you to relieve the sciatica but it is also good for helping the sciatica not come back.

How A Chiropractor Can Help Patients Achieve Holistic Health

Once considered a strictly alternative treatment, chiropractic services have worked their way into a more mainstream practice mindset for injury and pain. However, many people don’t understand how a chiropractor can help achieve holistic health.

Rotator Cuff Disease Definition and Treatment Options

Rotator cuff disease is a generic term for any condition affecting the rotator cuff. I would argue that the term disease falls into the same category as diagnoses such as rotator cuff syndrome and rotator cuff tendinopathy. In all such cases they are an initial diagnosis that should be always followed by a comment such as “we must do some tests.”

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