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Is Tianeptine An Effective Treatment For Fibromyalgia?

Quite possibly the most perplexing medical disorder of our day, fibromyalgia affects an estimated 2-8 percent of the population. Because it was only recently accepted as a diagnosable medical disorder, only a handful of medications have been tested for the treatment of fibromyalgia. One such test that included tianeptine was completed in January 2007 in Spain. According to researchers in that study, the drug proved effective at reducing pain associated with the disorder.

The Neck Comforter: A Perfect Way to Overcome a Host of Conditions Associated With Cervical Nerves

One of the initial treatments administered for a condition like a sore neck is physiotherapy, and this often involves applying traction to the neck for soothing a condition like a pinched nerve in the neck. Some home physiotherapy devices can be very effective for anyone who is suffering from headaches, a sore neck or pain in the arms.

Home Traction for Herniated Discs

In a majority of cases, while one suffers from herniation or herniated discs, home traction can act as a vastly effective treatment. A simple home traction device that decompresses the vertebrae can aid in treatment, while ensuring that the patient recovers in minimum time and can carry on with everyday activities as soon as possible.

Do I Need To Go For A Traction Device?

In practice, a simple traction device can work wonders for your health and well being, to the extent that you’ll forget you ever suffered from pain. For a sore back or an ailing neck, going for some mechanical traction devices is the preferable option, most importantly because even while these are exceedingly effective, they need no external aid for usage, and one can use these devices as many times as one needs.

Osteopaths Cited Some Common Posture Mistakes

There are many reasons for a person to have poor posture. Health experts provided some tips for you to have better posture.

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