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Aching Joints: Not an Inevitable Sign of Aging

More and more people are discovering that aching joints are not a necessary evil of aging. In fact, aching joints can be avoided or lessened with a little attention to how you live, starting today. When you are suffering from aching joints, it is best not to assume it is a sign of aging.

10 Ingredients for Bone and Joint Health

As you age your joints and bones undergo a lot of stress and strain. Maintaining an active life, although ideal, can also increase the strain on your joints. Here are 10 ingredients that will help you reach optimum bone and joint health as well as to aid in lessening pain in your aching joints.

Ending Liver Pain in 6 Easy Steps

The first symptom when there is a liver problem is “fatty liver”. A liver is considered fatty when it is 5-10% fat by weight.

Different Types of Plantar Fasciitis Exercises and Its Benefits

Hurting feet can become a big obstacle in your daily routine. It can hamper your lifestyle, your work routine, schedule, your own life and personality. Therefore, you should never ignore even the slightest pain in your feet. There are many reasons for plantar fasciitis and there are also different types of plantar fasciitis treatment. Your doctor will have to first examine you to determine the level of pain you are experiencing before prescribing a treatment.

Natural Home Remedies for Sinus Pain Relief

Many people are turning to natural and herbal remedies for almost all ailments as these do not have side effects. Herbal and natural remedies are slow to act and it will be quite some time before you will start noticing the results.

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