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Neck Pain Treatment: Getting to the Root of the Problem

There are parts of our body that we take for granted until they cause us pain. The neck is an area of the body that you can’t help but move when you go about even the smallest tasks, or even when you are sitting or sleeping.

Text Neck Is a Real Problem

Many users right now are seeing the results of using their cell phones so much. The neck is one of the areas that takes the most punishment. Looking down at the phone while slouched over equals a very painful neck.

Taking Safe Steps to Exercise

Exercise builds strong bones, increases flexibility and helps protect you from muscle loss. For all its benefits, though, starting a new exercise regimen when you aren’t prepared for it can put undue stress on your weight-bearing joints.

Benefiting From Physiotherapy

If you have aches and pains and you have been to the doctor and you have gotten no relief, you may want to think about alternative options. If you have been given medication and you don’t want to have to continue to take it, and you want to actually treat the underlying issue, not just the symptoms, physiotherapy is a great option.

Non-Surgical Spinal Cord Stimulation For Pain Relief?

Implanted spinal cord stimulating devices offer great relief for chronic pain patients. New research suggests possible non-surgical methods of spinal cord stimulation.

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