Texas Medical Cannabis Update – Review of pending medical marijuana bills in TX legislature

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CRPS Specialists and Others Argee: Severe Leg Pain May Signal Serious Condition

CRPS specialists and other experts agree that leg pain, especially severe leg pain, is something of concern that requires immediate medical attention. Although some leg pain remain mysteries that are never solved, care should be taken, especially when the pain is felt suddenly and intensely.

Knee Pain – Two Different Causes of Pain

The knee is a complex joint that absorbs a tremendous amount of force during the day. The of what you ask the knee to do. Walking, running, bending, jumping, standing, squatting, and twisting. The complex joint is amazing, but can also be injured. This article discusses two common types of pain.

Osteopathy – A Holistic Approach To Pain Relief

Back pain is a common ailment that can afflict people from various walks of life. The executive with the grueling desk job, the salesperson who spends all day on his feet, the overweight grocer, the teenager with a sporting injury, or the elderly lady with weakening muscles. Medication can offer temporary relief for back pain, but for a more permanent remedy people nowadays have an option that requires no synthetic drugs and no surgery.

What Is With Cold Laser Treatments for Pain?

Cold laser therapy has been a treatment increasing in popularity for years. The concept seems simple, a laser stimulates processes inside the cell. This can stimulate growth and repair, or inhibit inflammation. Some people have difficulty seeing a red light flash and not “feel” anything happening. Lasers do work and this article tells you how.

A Glucosamine for Professional Runners

There are alternative choices to treat osteo arthritis before you get to the point of requiring surgical treatment. The use of the supplement glucosamine to ease pain cause by osteoarthritis has been tested by scientists in clinical studies.

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