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Neuropathy – Should You Call Yours Something Else?

It wasn’t that long ago when physicians and patients alike believed that peripheral neuropathy wasn’t treatable by anything but medication. The sad part is, there are still many physicians and patients that believe this to be the case. In the last few years, we have learned this is no longer exclusively true.

Better Neuropathy Home Care

Exercise, even very gently at first, improves circulation. Improved blood flow to the legs and feet will help nourish damaged nerves.

Reasons Why You Might Be Experiencing Pain in the Left Side

It is hard to assess whether a pain in the left side is a minor one or the start of something more crucial in the offing. If you are having consistent pains in your left side area it could be a digestive problem. The digestive system is located on the left side of the stomach and so this could be the reason for the pain.

Stem Cell Therapy – What Are the Different Options for My Joints?

Every individual has stem cells in their body. They act as repairmen, within a normal healthy body. As a person ages or is subject to injury, these critical repair cells are not enough.

Neuropathy and GREAT Foot Care

Nerve pain is usually what brings people in to see their doctors. But the numbness in their feet and inability to feel even the smallest injury can lead to infections and ulceration and ultimately end in amputation.

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