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How to Manage Chronic Pain Naturally

Have you been suffering with low back pain, headaches, arthritis or a recurring injury for more than three months? Then you have a chronic pain condition. A chronic pain condition may be the result of an injury or other illness, such as cancer or it may be a sign of an imbalance within the body that has developed overtime through stress and poor lifestyle choices. Read on to see how chronic pain can impact your life and how you can overcome it.

How to Find a Leg Cramps Remedy That Really Works

Discover how to locate a leg cramps remedy that relieves muscle pain and lets you sleep at night. Learn about the key to finding a leg cramps remedy that works consistently.

It’s Not All in Your Head and You Don’t Have to Live With It!

My story of the 9 years of pain, suffering and humility I endured. The healing: what it took to get there and what I learned along the way that can help others like myself.

Cultivating Presence to Live With Pain

Practicing meditation and learning to relax our mind can help our chronic pain 10 fold. We learn to be with pain in a way that includes it rather than rejects it. Our mind remains open rather than closed. We harness the power of the whole rather than being a single part…

The Number 1 Key in Dealing With Chronic Pain

The way out of pain is into it…convincing our mind of this fact takes practice, patience, courage and taking a few risks. Testing out the idea that moving into our pain sounds crazy to the mind, yet when we have no other options, have tried everything medically and alternatively to relieve our pain, this method can really help. Try it.

The 3 Steps to Deep Breathing

Deep breathing involves the diaphragm and the abdomen. Breathing deeply fills the lungs with fresh air, providing necessary oxygen to muscles that are oxygen deprived. Whenever a muscle spasm or cramp happens, take a few deep breaths to provide your contracting muscle with necessary oxygen.

Cooperating With Life, Pain, and What Shows Up Today

Learning to go with the flow of pain is a wonderful way to ease our pain….it’s not what we think. Its the way we use our mind to relax and open to whatever is showing up as pain.

Get Over Yourself and You Will Get Over Your Pain!

When we are living with chronic pain it is very difficult to not become self obsessed with ourselves and our pain. We need to see and know that we are not our pain. We are way more than the pain we experience in our body. This “way more” is what we need to put our attention on, again and again. This is the way to live in freedom with pain.

Smiling With Pain When We Don’t Feel Like Smiling!

Learning to smile through pain is a wonderful way of working constructively with pain. Over time it can change your whole attitude to pain, and to suffering that arises in your life.

The Importance Of Knee Pain Remedy and Relief

Knee pain can have an impact on each and everyone’s life. To enable to function well and accomplish daily tasks, knee pain relief should be obtained. This is why knee pain remedy and treatments are important.

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