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Using Imagery to Help Self Medicate for Pain Control

Pain is something that we can all understand, it’s in our lives from the moment we enter this world, and it’s something that we all experience pain to some degree in our life. Pain serves a purpose, it’s not all bad. If I’m hammering a nail into a piece of wood and bang my thumb, it hurts.

How to Protect Your Joints

Joint pain is a common ailment in most women above 45. The minor pain can turn into aggravated conditions. So, it is high time you followed certain useful tips to keep your joints intact.

Concussions: What Parents and Athletes Must Know!

Extreme physical sports such as football, soccer (headers), lacrosse, hockey, equestrian, and any other sport where physical impacts occur repeatedly can increase the likelihood of injuries, and concussions. A concussion is caused by a biomechanical impact or whiplash injury to the head, face, or neck which can cause a type of traumatic brain injury or neurological compromise and alter the way the brain works. The brain and its associated soft tissue can swell, leading to a variety of secondary conditions. Concussions are categorized by one or many of the following secondary conditions: headaches, neck pain, muscle spasms, vision changes, fogginess, poor concentration, sensitivities to lights and sounds, ringing in the ears, depression, nausea, seizures, disorientation, confusion, forgetfulness, memory loss, hesitated verbal responses personality differences, poor coordination, and imbalance. Concussions are serious, and proactive steps must be taken with its treatment and caution and conservancy addressed before returning to sports.

Alternative Treatment Methods For Chronic Pain: A Natural Approach

It seems that in spite of all the advances science and medicine has made over the past few decades, chronic illnesses and pain related diseases are on the rise. Millions of people in the United States alone are on one or more medications for long term pain management. Having more than one illness can up the risk for dangerous drug interactions, and may even make a patient sicker.

A Visit to the Dentist

He asked me how I was able to handle the pain. I responded without thinking, “I just don’t think about it.”

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