Cops Raid a Totally Legal Grow Op and Cause Over $10 Million in Damages

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MRI to Detect Shoulder Abnormalities

MRI scan can be used to detect shoulder abnormalities caused by injuries. MRI scan highlights the irregularities that cannot be identified by other methods such as X-rays or CT scans.

Fast Shoulder Pain Relief Using the Feldenkrais Method

Want to be rid of your shoulder pain now? The Feldenkrais Method is a systematic method to improve human movement and general functioning. Feldenkrais uses simple, gentle movements to reorganize posture, flexibility, strength and coordination and in doing so provides shoulder pain relief.

Natural Treatment of Pain – Resolving the Cause

The natural treatment of pain can reverse the cause, if you choose the right modality of health care. By reversing the cause of the pain, it evaporates on its own. This treatment is far superior to any masking or suppressing the pain. Why not get the best treatment, since it’s available?

How to Treat Pain Naturally – Cure the Source

Learning how to treat naturally could be one of the best things you ever do. Natural treatment tends to target the cause or the source of your pain. Get that right and the pain disappears on its own.

Need Help Dealing With Joint Pain? Take This Quick Quiz to Reveal Habits That Can Hurt You

Quiz Do I eat fried foods two or more times per week? Yes/ No Do I drink one or more soft drinks per day? Yes/ No Do I use over-the-counter drugs to ease pain and stiffness at least 3 times per week?

Reversing Fibromyalgia (How Do You Know Who to Listen To?)

Oh my gosh, there are so many books and theories out there on how to reverse fibromyalgia – and how do you know which one to listen to? Which one has THE right way?

Best Supplements For Fibromyalgia (Natural Supplements)

What are the best supplements you can take for fibromyalgia pain and fibromyalgia fatigue? This is a very interesting subject to me, because when I reversed fibromyalgia, I did it without many supplements, but now that I am trying to help others and continuing my education on fibromyalgia, I am discovering so many things that seem worth a try. So, when I reversed fibromyalgia, I found probiotics and fish oil to be very helpful.

Getting Rid of That Pain in the Butt – Treating Sciatica and Golfer’s Back With Acupuncture

We all want to get back in the game. Have fun and stay fit. No need to let chronic or debilitating sciatica pain continue to wreck your day. Learn how acupuncture can successfully treat the often devastating pulling pain of sciatica, while taking the sting out of golfer’s back. Discover the time honored therapeutic secrets that many athletes use to keep playing and stay healthy.

How Did I Get Fibromyalgia?

I read somewhere that 2% of every population in the world has fibromyalgia. This is an interesting statistic, because it leads me to wonder.

Carbohydrates and Fibromyalgia

Do carbohydrates have anything to do with fibromyalgia? Yes, they sure can. Let’s talk about it.

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