Disabled Black Veteran Sentenced to 60 Months in Jail for Medical Marijuana

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Causes and Remedies for Your Neck Ache

Do you need to get rid of a neck ache? But, first of all, what causes your neck ache?

Natural Herbal Alternatives for Chronic Pain and Management

Someone living with chronic pain and associated illness may be able to receive assistance through pain management techniques and prescription drugs. In some cases, natural herbal alternatives for pain management may be an option as a new regimen or to accompany current prescribed regimens.

Injury of the Quadriceps Tendon – The Reason Why Your Knee Is Painful

Is your knee hurting? If you want to be relieved from the pain as soon as possible, then you need to learn what is behind the pain. If you are into sports or recently had a minor fall, you most probably have problems with your quadriceps tendon.

NSAIDs Can Slow Healing Of Certain Musculoskeletal Injuries

There is a difference between reducing pain and healing. Learn what types of injuries are adversely affected by the use of NSAIDs.

Injection Options for Knee Arthritis

Approximately 30,000,000 individuals in the United States suffer from arthritis. When it comes to arthritis in the knee, the vast majority is the wear and tear variety, which is known as osteoarthritis. Non-surgical knee arthritis treatments are typically very effective and one of the best that we have has been injections into the knee.

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