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Self Treatment For Torn Rotator Cuffs – 5 Crucial Tips For a Quick Recovery

Shoulder injuries are on the rise, primarily because it is an injury that affects people in their 40’s, and “baby boomers”, in general. Their is a demand for self treatment for torn rotator cuff injuries because people are looking for alternative cures that will help them avoid surgery, save them money and time, and will help them recover quickly. Here are five crucial tips that people with rotator cuff injuries should heed to.

Can Exercise Help Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia sufferers often search many years looking for some kind of relief from their pain. Many fibromyalgia patients have heard that exercise can help but they may be in too much pain to even think of any type of exercise program? Even healthy individuals have a hard time following a program of exercise so it is understandable that someone suffering from fibromyalgia pain might have a hard time embracing an exercise program for fibromyalgia.

Chronic Pain – Two Stories

“Are you hurting, Mom? Can I bring you something?” She looked at me with a wan smile. “Honey, I hurt just sitting here.”

Pain Relief – Think Your Pain Symptoms Are Caused by a Structural Problem? Think Again

Is back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain always related to a structural problem? According to scientific research, pain and structural problems are not necessarily related. Keep reading to find more about pain and your body.

Ear Pain Home Remedies For Children

So your child is keeping everyone awake with his crying, and you’re desperate to find ear pain home remedies that work. If it makes you feel better, know that other parents are going through the same thing you are!

Alternative Chronic And Acute Pain Management

You’re slicing veggies for the soup. Suddenly you feel a sharp pain and blood pours from your finger. Not only do you have blood everywhere, but you have experienced what is called acute pain. This type of sensation is transitory. It is your body’s message to you that something damaging has happened.

Mouth Ulcers Management With Diet and Homeopathy

Mouth ulcers or canker sores are solitary or clustered ulcerative lesions, that develop within the oral cavity. They are shallow and painful. Importantly, they, have a strong predisposition to reappear and persist in many people.

New Year’s Resolutions Bring Foot Pain!

You’ve signed up for the gym membership. You’ve bought new workout clothes and shoes. You’ve made a promise to yourself to stick to your New Year’s resolution to exercise and lose weight.

Biocranial Correction For Safe Pain Relief

Pain is a fact of life. To find powerful relief, at a nominal cost, with proven science backing it and with no side effects other than a deeper sense of well being and relief from chronic pain is at the heart of BioCranial Corrections. Used in conjunction with chiropractic, when needed, or alone, a person begins to get at the root of their pain instead of merely masking the symptoms.

A Call to Revolutionize Chronic Pain

Recently a report came out from the May Day Fund calling for chronic pain to be addressed in healthcare reform and better training of doctors on treating it, because it’s estimated that one out of every four Americans suffers from chronic pain. This ranges from headaches to back pain to joint pain.

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