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Mind Over Matter – How Your Thoughts Can Heal Your Pain

For many people, their pain becomes their identity. They focus on pain rather than focusing on being well. Their mind is continually in their pain. As long as they continue to have their mind in their pain, illness or disease, the longer they will continue to be in pain and unwell. A change of mental mindset can help to reduce pain. To improve their health, they must align themselves with the concept of being well. They need to visualise and feel what good health means to them and completely detach themselves from illness, disease and pain. We all have the power to heal our lives.

How To Relieve Joint Pain Naturally

Now-a-days aching joints are among the most common health complaints and it does not depend on age. Many people start taking pain killers and other pain relieving capsules, which help with pain relieving. These medications are: ibuprofen, naproxen, and other anti-inflammatory medicines. Medicine like this can be harsh on your body. All those pain killers may relax you for that particular moment, but it may have damaging effects on your body.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields for Sleep and Pain

Many of the people that will read this article may have never heard of the use of magnetic fields, electricity and or frequencies as a way to treat and heal the human body. However, there are many devices available on the market today that claim to do just that, they fall into a category of products that utilize what are known as Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF).

The Hidden Injuries After an Auto Accident: What Are They?

When I started practice years ago, I thought most auto-accidents injuries were just like any other neck or back pain. Over the years and after treating hundreds of patients who were injured in an auto-accident, I came to realize that there was something different about the pain many of my patients developed after being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Talk to Orthopedic Surgeons About These Four Important Topics

See orthopedic surgeons if you have a complaint involving joints, nerves, muscles or bones. Prepare to discuss medical history, symptoms, diagnosis and surgery.

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