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Left Hip Pain

Hip pain can be very worrying as it can cause alarm and distress never mind the actual nuisance of the irritating pain itself. Left hip pain can cause difficulty in the day to day running of people’s lives because it can cause create strain on levels of mobility. There are different types of left hip pain caused by many different factors.

Common Knee Injuries Caused By Running

Running has several health benefits including weight loss and cardiovascular conditioning. But there are also risks of injury, especially to the knee. One of the most common injuries caused by running is Runner’s Knee.

Why Do We Get Tonsil Stones?

Having suffered from Tonsil stones myself, I could never figure out what they were and why I was getting them. I wanted to find out why we get tonsil stones and when figured it out, I thought I would share.

Tonsil Stones: What Are They and How Do I Stop Them?

Many people don’t know that they have tonsil stones but they do have many underlying symptoms, including bad breath, sore throat and even swelling. Sometimes you can’t see them in the back of your throat but you can feel some kind of obstruction when you swallow. Many people suffer from tonsil stones and don’t know stop them. The purpose of this article is to explain what tonsil stones are and how you can stop them.

Can Spinal Decompression Therapy Work With Sciatica?

Most people with sciatica obtain relief from pain without resorting to surgical treatments. In addition, they are able to return to their usual activities after a few weeks of having nonsurgical spinal decompression. Even more, many patients who underwent disc decompression experienced very good results. What makes this therapeutic treatment a highly effective solution for sciatic pain?

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