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Chronic Back Pain And Suicide

There is a strong yet often ignored link between chronic pain and suicidal thoughts and actions. Acknowledging the reasons for this link and finding ways to help patients deal with the mental and emotional aspects of pain should be priorities in the pain management community.

Find Comfort in a Lift Chair

When a person develops a body issue that causes them to have limited mobility, very often this will affect their ability to sit and stand. This can become very stressful as the individual will then most likely have to rely on other people to help them sit down and then stand back up. Fortunately, lift chairs have been created for this very reason.

Identifying Trouble: Left Lower Quadrant Pain

When we are asked to express our daily concern–an issue that we constantly worry about in our daily life–many would cite our jobs, schoolwork, or even romance. But truthfully, the apex of these concerns is really our health. Without a healthy body and mind, even the simplest daily task can become a chore, and doing a great many things would become difficult or even impossible.

Stomach Pain Caused by Gas That Causes Bloating

There are a few simple exercises you can try if you experience stomach pain after eating that you think might be caused by gas. Hopefully, you can find some relief with the suggestions below.

Knowing When and How to Report Stomach Pain to Your Doctor

There are many different causes of stomach pain after eating. Some of those causes are more serious than others and require immediate medical intervention. On the other hand, stomach pain after eating may not be caused by anything serious, but still, you should take it seriously.

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