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AFOs – A Down To Earth Guide on Ankle Foot Orthoses and Orthopedic Braces – Part 12

If you want to learn more about AFOs (ankle foot orthoses) and you don’t want to spend all day doing it, then this information was written for you. This information is written for patients and medical professionals who need to learn more about orthopedic bracing.

Microwave Slippers

For those cold winter days and nights or for curling up with a good book or perhaps in front of the television to watch your favorite show or movie, HotSlippers are the perfect choice for warming your feet. These slippers are great for even spending the day around the house and are microwavable which creates the warmth. The slippers are easy enough to use, just put them in the microwave for ninety seconds to two minutes. They will provide warmth and a soothing comfort to your feet. These HotSlippers are wonderful for ridding one of pain or aches due to putting in a hard day of work. These slippers are filled with wheat grains, which help to hold in the heat, and lavender is infused into them to provide a great smelling fragrance. The materials these slippers are made from are a pile faux fur that is of excellent quality and will provide your feet with even more warmth.

Muscle Pains

I would venture to say that the majority of those reading this article have endured some form of muscle pains at one time or another. There are those who will experience these pains on a constant basis. When an individual is constantly having muscle pains and stiffness of many groups of muscles, they may have a condition known as “Polymyalgia rheumatica”.

Tennis Elbow Causes and Treatments

What actually causes tennis elbow is not exactly known but certain studies show that this condition can be due to microscopic tears in the tissues located at the elbow site. Although it is usually associated with inflammation, researches have proven that there is sometimes no inflammatory process that occurs in this condition. Other studies have also found that tennis elbow is more likely the result of repetitive stress and overexertion due to certain activities such as wringing clothes and other twisting movements.

Finding Relief With A Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

If you suddenly get a pain in your heel chances are you have what is called plantar fasciitis. This is caused by an irritation to the plantar fascia which is a connective tissue running across the bottom of your foot and supporting the arch. This tissue takes the brunt of each step you take during the day.

AFOs – A Down To Earth Guide on Ankle Foot Orthoses and Orthopedic Braces – Part 7

The following health information is written for patients and medical professionals that need to learn more about orthopedic bracing. This free information can help simplify how you think about AFOs because it is written as a down to earth style guide.

AFOs – A Down To Earth Guide on Ankle Foot Orthoses and Orthopedic Braces – Part 14

Why CAM Walkers Work CAM walkers usually limit motion at the site of a patient’s foot and ankle. (This is why there are considered in this series to be an ankle foot orthosis, although not the traditional type.) This limitation of movement happens with a rigid plantar surface (the surface underneath a patient’s foot) and with ankle uprights that help to inhibit movement.

AFOs – A Down To Earth Guide on Ankle Foot Orthoses and Orthopedic Braces – Part 13

This is a continuation of our down to earth guide on AFOs (ankle foot orthoses). This is health information, written by a licensed orthotist, to help make make braces more simple for patients and medical professionals. If you are medical professional reading this series of articles on AFOs, make sure to look for the sections entitled, “Take Home Points For Medical Professionals”. All of the information provided here can help someone learn about orthopedic bracing.

If the Symptom Can’t Come From the Diagnostic Finding, Don’t Get the Surgery

Studies showing the results of surgeries performed to resolve knee pain due to osteoarthritis and back pain due to vertebral fractures as defined by the medical establishment via x-rays and MRIs as the cause of these symptoms showed absolutely no decrease in pain whether the actual surgery or a mock surgery was performed. These findings are eye opening and should put a halt to surgery until these findings can be investigated.

AFOs – A Down To Earth Guide on Ankle Foot Orthoses and Orthopedic Braces – Part 8

This free health information discusses ankle foot orthoses (AFOs) in a down to earth format. Patients and other medical professionals can learn from the information presented here.

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