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How to Reduce Pain and Inflammation Naturally

Inflammation is the body’s first reaction when your immune system detects an infection, physical trauma, injury, disturbance or any anomalies inside or outside your body. There are natural ways on how you can reduce inflammation naturally following these do-it-yourself steps, precautions, and recommendations.

Relieving Muscle Pain With a Heated Cushion

A heated cushion is an innovative device which is useful for those who suffer from chronic pains and aches in the muscles or in any particular region. This device has been in existence for a number of years and with the passage of time, the material used in its manufacture has changed and it has undergone a complete transformation in terms of design and style.

Understanding Abdominal Pain

When I was a surgical registrant, one of the local GPs could diagnose an acute appendix over the telephone with the instruction; ‘Stand on your right leg and hop’. If the mild gymnastics exacerbated the pain, he would contact the hospital and announce that he was sending in a patients with appendicitis and a ‘positive hop test.’ I know it sounds strange, but he was so uncannily accurate that for a time, hopping on one leg because a popular test among juniors in the A&E department.

Practical Sciatica Relief Information

Sciatica is a common condition where painful sensations start in the lower back and travel through the buttock and down into the back of your leg. If you experience uncomfortable numbness, tingling, pain or weakness in your legs, you could be experiencing sciatica pain.

Non Pharmacological Pain Management

The trends today in chronic pain management are to leave behind the traditional use of pain medications and move toward non pharmacological physical medicine treatments. Historically the treatment of chronic pain was focused on the absence of feeling the pain but not on the physiology of why the pain impulse was being sent. With the arrival of functional restoration pain clinics using the latest technologies the process of eliminating the pain impulse by electro stimulation is altering the landscape for non pharmacological chronic pain management. Functional restoration clinicians have focused on helping injured athletes return to athletics quicker and with less pain, but those early methods are proving successful in treating chronic pain conditions such as RSD, Fibrmyalgia, neuropathies and other debilitating pain conditions, non pharmacologically.

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