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How To Stretch Your Calves and Get Rid of Shin Splints For Good

Suffering from Shin Splints? Learn how to treat and get rid of them for good.

Have Sciatica?

In my office, sciatica is one of the most common reasons people seek our help. We see first-hand how frustrating this condition is and how it prevents people from living their life. It often prevents someone from working, sleeping, and enjoying life. Fortunately, there is help available for people to free themselves from low back pain and sciatica.

Why Winter Is a Pain in The Joints!

The poet, George Herbert said, “Every mile is two in winter”. Your Great Aunt always said she could “feel” a storm was brewing… if you suffer from joint pain those words probably resonate with you during the cold winter months. But why do joints feel stiffer and more painful in cold weather? Why is it that a brisk walk in the crisp winter air leaves you being almost unable to get your key in the front door when you return home?

Physiological Change In Someone With Chronic Pain

Dealing with chronic pain makes it very hard to stay focused on any other type of task. The pain can become all consuming.

What Help Will A Pain Center Provide Me?

A person that suffers from chronic pain will do almost anything to find relief. But when their doctor has referred them to a pain center, it can be frightening and overwhelming. Knowing what questions to ask is one step toward being confident this is the right direction to take.

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