Lawyers Try to Use Reefer Madness in Ahmaud Arbery Death Trial

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Ice Packs and Cold Packs Are Not Just For Runners!

Early 2008, I got off the couch and decided to run the 2008 New York City Marathon. This past year I got my wife, a couple family members and a couple of friends to also run the marathon. One thing in common for all of us was that we all used some ice packs or cold packs to reduce any swelling in our joints.

Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

Sciatica refers to pain in the lower back over the rear leg. This sciatic pain is accompanied by tingling and/or numbness and weakness in the limbs, but no need to fear, Sciatic nerve pain relief can be achieved if done properly. Having the proper info on sciatica is also important.

Jaw Exercises For TMJ – Find Relief For Your TMJ Pain

TMJ is one of the most difficult conditions to deal with as it has no known causes or treatments. If you think you have TMJ, which is a condition that affects the joints of the jaw, then you need to work with your doctor and a TMJ specialist to try and find a way to manage the symptoms while looking for an underlying cause to the disorder.

Stress Creates Neck and Shoulder Pain

Lately I’ve seen patients with a lot of muscle tension in their neck and shoulders. Their shoulders are hunched up under their ears, and their necks so stiff they can barely move them. Severe neck and shoulder stiffness and pain may require physical therapy to alleviate symptoms, but I’d like to share with you the things you can do to both prevent and alleviate neck and shoulder pain.

Injured in an Accident? Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Ocala chiropractors see countless patients suffering from neck pain, back pain, headaches, and sciatica suffered from car accidents. While many people are involved in accidents that don’t cause many immediate symptoms, don’t let this fool you into thinking you are OK. Early detection of injuries is critical in ensuring that there won’t be long term damage and pain.

What Can She Do About Her Aching Joints?

My mother is almost 70 years old and very active, fit and well. The only thing that spoils her retirement is that her joints are agonizingly painful when she wakes up, leaving her bent double for a long time. She finds setting the alarm to take ibuprofen an hour before she gets up helps her to become mobile more quickly. What do you suggest? She is against taking the ibuprofen continuously.

Hip Injuries and Treatments

Hip pain and injury can occur from constant and strenuous physical activity at work or around the home. It can also occur from poor training or being uninformed about certain procedures that involve lifting or moving heavy equipment. People with a history of lower back pain or accident history may find themselves with hip problems at some point.

All About Kinesio Taping

Most people think that the muscle’s only function is to move our body. But in reality, our muscles can do more than that! The muscle can help in maintaining body temperature

How to Avoid the Long Term Complications of Knee Replacement

Having knee replacement surgery is an important decision. Even though several hundred of these procedures are performed every day in hospitals around the country, the surgery is not a minor one. You should be fully aware of all the short and long term risks and complications that are associated with knee replacements.

Ease Your Shoulder Pain Today!

Shoulder pain can ruin a good night’s sleep for anyone. I know because I suffered from it for months before finding a method that offered me a few simple exercises that brought me lasting relief. Here’s how.

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