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EMF Neutralizer – This Device Will Protect Against EMF

An EMF neutralizer is an important tool that everyone should have dealing with the constant EMF bombardment that the human body deals with. Why? Read on.

Chiropractors Allow You To Say No To Drugs

MN chiropractors discuss natural remedies for acute and chronic pain and why pain relieving drugs, while useful in the short term are not a long term solution. This article looks at our tendency to seek the “magic pill”. Putting unrealistic expectations in a single pill solution to pain prevents us from doing what it takes to heal pain naturally.

Chiropractors Treating Repetitive Trauma Injuries

MN Chiropractors focus on resolving the reasons that we have pain which doesn’t go away. One reason for persisting pain is persistent injury to an area. The body attempts to heal the area, but cannot keep up with the recurring injury. The fact that an area is being injured over and over again is not always obvious.

Should Chiropractors Treat Auto Injuries?

Should MN chiropractors treat whiplash injuries? It’s a real turnoff to get a deluge of letters in the mail from MN chiropractors right after you’ve been in an auto accident. Minnesota statutes prohibit a chiropractor from contacting you except by mail if you’ve been in an auto accident. Aside from the nuisance of getting all the mail solicitations, should you consider seeing a chiropractor if you’ve been in an automobile accident. A study published in the medical journal, the Journal of Orthopedic Medicine researched the issue. 93 patients who suffered whiplash injury and were treated by chiropractors were evaluated. 69 of them reported and showed improvement following chiropractic care.

Chiropractors Recommend Omega-3 Fats for Pain Relief

More and more MN chiropractors are using omega-3 fats as part of their pain management strategy. Of the approximately 2650 licensed chiropractors in MN, most graduate from Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU) where they receive extensive training in clinical nutrition. NWHSU graduates have completed over 210 hours of course work in biochemistry and clinical nutrition, giving them a solid understanding of how to use nutritional supplementation to treat health problems including inflammation and pain.

Chiropractors Recommend Dietary Changes to Relieve Chronic Pain

MN chiropractors advise their patients on their diets to–believe it or not-help relieve chronic pain. Of particular importance with regard to diet and chronic pain are the large amount of sugars and starch that we eat, the lack of anti-oxidants in our diet, the deficiency of omega 3 fats and the over abundance of a group of fats called arachidonic acid. Finally our diets are lacking in minerals that help alkalinize our bodies.

Chiropractors Correct Joint Instability To Relieve Chronic Pain

MN chiropractors specialize in correcting mechanical instabilities of the spine and all of the joints of the body, and in doing so are able to relieve chronic pain. Chronic neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, back, hip, knee, ankle and foot pain often improves quickly when the mechanical instability of these joints is corrected.

Chiropractors On Natural Relief Of Pain and Inflammation

MN chiropractors treat pain by promoting the body’s ability to quickly heal the area of injury. Once the injury is healed the pain is resolved. In this sense, chronic pain represents a deficit in the body’s ability to heal an area of tissue damage or injury. The remedy for chronic pain is identifying what is blocking our body from healing the area fully. Once that block is removed healing occurs and pain (inflammation) resolves itself.

Symptoms, Causes, Structures, Diagnosis and the Permanent Treatment to Neck Pain

Neck pain or cervical pain oftentimes originates from various forms of disorders and diseases of any tissue around the neck region, some of these include neck strain, degenerated disc diseases, herniated disc, whiplash, etc. Some of the Symptoms you experience is dull ache usually associated with pain at the neck.

Joint Pain Treatment – Effective Remedies for Relief From Pain and Inflammation

A proper diagnosis is required before going for any treatment of joint pain. This article briefly describes effective treatments and natural remedies for getting relief from joint pain and inflammation.

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