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How to Prevent Hip Flexor Pain While Running

Runners have been plagued by hip flexor injuries since the beginning of time, which is why it is important to understand how these injuries are caused and what we can do to prevent them. Typically there are two main types of hip flexor injuries for runners…

Is It Difficult to Explain Your Pain to Your Doctor?

There are many different types of pain, but it is important to remember that all pain experiences are real. Being able to understand the origins and type of pain you experience will lead to better communication with your doctor. This may lead to quicker diagnosis and more effective treatments.

Carpal Tunnel: The Largest Medical Concern Among Chiropractors

When the median nerve, located right above the wrist, is inflamed or pinched it causes carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). The carpal tunnel consists of thick ligament, bones, and tendons. Common tasks such as hammering, pushing, and typing are causes of the pinching.

The Basics Of Anterior Shoulder Instability

There are 3 basic types of shoulder instability. These include anterior instability, posterior instability, and then there is multidirectional instability. Let’s review Anterior Shoulder Instability. Anterior instability refers to a problem which is allowing the shoulder to potentially dislocate out the front. This problem can occur due to repetitive overhead throwing or a tramautic situation. If a pitcher throws repetitively it can lead to a gradual elongation of the soft tissues in the front part of the shoulder.

Low Level Laser Therapy For Pain – LLLT

The great thing about the use of low level laser therapy is that it is painless. It can be used at any time. It also provides fast relief for these painful symptoms. It greatly reduces your healing time by providing cell stimulation to increase and promote the healing of cells. It is also 100% safe as the level of the laser is low so that it can not damage any of the cells that are being treated.

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