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What Is Osteopathy and What Can It Do for You?

Osteopathy is a special branch of medicine which looks at holistic patient health. Osteopaths work through the neuro-musculo-skeletal system. Their focus is on muscles and joints.

Hit The DELETE Button on Pain

Do whatever it takes to keep your thoughts healthy and up-beat. Do everything you can to have less stress in your life. And don’t sweat the small stuff. This will help to keep “fight or flight” responses to a minimum and your body will thank you for it.

Love Your Body Even When It’s Hurtin’

So when you are consumed with pain and feeling down and miserable the first thing I would do is turn on my favorite relaxing music (for me it’s flute music). This always puts me in a mellow mood which will stop my brain from making those darned ‘stress hormones’ and start cooking up a big heaping batch of ‘feel good hormones’.

Delicious Herbs to Cool the Pain of Inflammation

Many people are suffering with debilitating inflammatory diseases that just suck the enjoyment out of their lives. There are some things we can do that will naturally and gently relieve some of this pain. The first step is to eliminate processed foods; they have been proven to cause inflammation. I love junk food as much as the next person but I must admit that when I cut them out of my life, my pain levels went way down.

When to Use Hot and When to Use Cold Therapy

The human body is constantly pushed to its limit on a daily basis, whether it be via physical activity or lack thereof. With that being said, your body is prone to experiencing pain and injuries as a result of working itself too hard. It can be beneficial to have ice packs on hand in the event of an injury, but it can also be great to have hot packs. The main question is, when do you use cold packs and when do you use hot packs?

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