NIST Is Conducting A Study to Distinguish Between Hemp and Marijuana

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The Usefulness of Creams for Muscle Pain Relief

Many chronic pain sufferers have wrongfully come to the conclusion that muscle pain relief is non-existent except using invasive surgery. The reality, however, is quite different. There are many ways a person can treat muscle pain and live a normal life without going “under the knife.”

Chronic Pain Management Without Medication

Given the recent opioid epidemic in the US, many people are searching for alternative, natural methods to manage and control chronic pain, without the use of medication or risk of addiction, using the power of the mind. Here is a simple guide to do just that.

Knee Anatomy and Reasons for Knee Replacement

Where the thigh meets the lower leg, there is a hinge joint called the knee. When the knee is diseased such that it cannot function as normal, knee replacement surgery is done.

Chronic Pain – There Is a Light at the End of the Tunnel

Let’s talk about PAIN and how it is perceived by an individual and a group in our society. Most of us are living with a very deep misconception about pain.

How To Manage Neuropathy

Have you ever felt numbness and pain in your feet? A burning sensation on your feet? Then it’s a time to consult a doctor. This usually happens in neuropathy. Now the question arises what is neuropathy?

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