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Improving Asessment Through Understanding of Complex Conditions

CRPS is a poorly understood condition that can adversely affect assessments for benefits, support and other valuable resources to the disabled. What can be done to improve the way assessments are carried out in the face of less well known conditions?

Internal or External Pain Relief?

There are many different forms of medicine for many different problems and symptoms. It is important to make sure that you get the correct medicine for your issue.

What Can A Magnetic Knee Brace Do For Me?

There is a lot of hype around magnetic knee braces these days. People are wondering what they actually do and they also want to know if they actually work. This article should be able to shed some light for you today.

Coping With Chronic Pain: The Willingness to Risk

THOUGHT OF THE DAY. For two years, the first thing I experienced when I woke and the last thing I felt before falling asleep was pain in my thigh from a less than successful hip replacement. I began a life of coping with chronic pain.

Knee Replacement Surgery Facts You Must Know

Knee replacement surgery is generally performed when the knee joint is damaged to such an extent that it poses a hindrance in the normal functioning of the knee. Here are some of the facts you must know about this surgery before you make a decision.

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