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New Successful Treatment of Piles Without Surgery

Piles (hemorrhoids) are swellings or mass of swollen veins that develop inside and around the back passage (anus). Symptoms of piles include bleeding from anus while passing stools, feeling of anal mass and sometimes if pile mass gets swollen it may also cause pain in anal region.

Why Primary Care Physicians Avoid Chronic Pain Patients

When we are sick, we go to our primary doctor for help. But when we are experiencing chronic pain, they don’t know how to help us.

Can Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Programs Restore Your Active and Healthy Lifestyle

Medication, intervention, and surgical procedures often fall short when it comes to curing chronic pain issues. Pain can affect your work abilities and social and private lifestyle, thus straining your relationships and throwing you into perpetual anguish. In such situations, the only option left for the patients is to reduce their activities to minimize their pain levels.

Nursing Mother’s Neck

Many new mothers experience neck pain and discomfort as a result of nursing and bottle feeding their babies. Find out what causes these symptoms and how to eliminate them.

Pain Management With Occipital Nerve Blocks

For pain that is located in the head and around the eyes, it can be very uncomfortable and make life miserable. Occipital Nerve Blocks performed at a pain management center are very helpful in easing that pain.

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