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What is Pain?

Pain is a sensory signal indicating something is wrong in a person’s body. There are enormous variations in our sensitivity and perception to pain, and to ignore successful warnings could be very harmful.

Stop the Battle in Your Stomach – Cure Your Heartburn Problems Once and For All!

Are you tired of battling this incessant heartburn problem like I was? Read on to find how I got relief.

TENS Precautions

Precautions to take when undergoing TENS Therapy. Dangers of using a TENS unit.

Conditions Helped by TENS Therapy

A list of conditions which can be helped by using a TENS or EMS machine. Patients have reported positive results from using TENS machines for the following conditions.

What is TENS?

Transcutaneous (through the skin) electronic nerve stimulation is a drug-free analgesic technique which represents a valuable addition to pain management. TENS is mainly used for blocking and treating chronic and acute pain.

Using a TENS Machine For Pain Management

Firstly and most importantly, you should not use a TENS machine if you are pregnant or have an implant such as a pacemaker without approval from your doctor. TENS machines are often used during labor; however your doctor may advise against you using a TENS machine during the early stages of pregnancy.

Knee Reconstruction and Health

One of the more controversial health care reconstruction surgeries along with the elbow reconstruction is the other joints of the knee and the kneecap. Reconstructive surgery of any kind at one time was delicate and the long-term outcome indecisive.

Simple Tips on How to Find the Best Chiropody Clinic

If you want to get highly specialized foot care, then chiropody clinics are your only option. The podiatry specialists in a chiropody clinic can offer professional help from foot wear advice to standard chiropody treatments.

Your Knees Are in Pain – Glucosamine With Chondroitin is the Remedy

Why accept the fact that chronic knee pain is just a part of growing old? Unless you have experienced a severe knee injury in the past, you should not. You certainly want to enjoy those fun activities like long travels, walking, and even working out requiring your knees to be in good shape and free of pain. This article will provide a simple remedy to get rid of the chronic knee pain and get back with your life.

Where is My Pain Coming From?

An energetic approach to any kind of pain is much more effective, immediate and lasting, than medical approaches because it gets to the source of the pain. It would actually be better if you do not believe in it too strongly, however. Just be open for it to happen either way.

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