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What Is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)?

Complex regional pain syndrome can be one of the most debilitating medical conditions to struggle with. It can affect your sleep, your job, your relationships, and even your mental health.

Topical Pain Cream for Tendonitis? Yes Because It Works, Period

Tendonitis occurs when a tendon is put through too much stress, or is used too often in the same way over a period of time. Tendons can become irritated after repetitive activity like golf, tennis, carpentry, painting, cleaning, etc.

Tips to Take Care of Tendons and Ligaments

Tendons are bands of tissue that connect muscle to bone and ligaments connect bone to bone. Without them you can’t move. Collagen provides structure and strength while mucopolysaccharides hold them together to allow them to stretch, flex, bend and retain resilience against injury. Both tendons and ligaments are limited and slow in their ability to repair. Unleashing their ability to heal can be done with nutrients. There are substances that cause inflammation of the tendons and ligaments. One of the major culprits is called interleukin 1 Beta which is found to damage tendons and ligaments. Some of the supplements lower or block the damaging effect of this substance. Stopping the damage allows healing to occur. I will review some commonly known and less well known nutrients that have shown to enhance tendon and ligament repair. Some also help with joints, cartilage and arthritic conditions. Products that have been tested for other conditions are being looked at to see if they work for tendons and ligaments. While some were only tested in a lab for tendon and ligament repair and no human studies have been published, these show some promising results and have known benefits for inflammation or osteoarthritis.

I Say Tennis Elbow, You Say Epicondylitis

Most of us normal people describe the pain between our wrist and elbow as “Tennis Elbow” but, to those in the medical field, they refer to it as, “Epicondylitis.” Either way you spell it, it hurts like hell!

Common Types of Broken Bones in a Car Accident

In situations where a car accident is concerned, there are some very common breaks which occur. In the average adult broken arms, legs, and collarbones are the most prevalent. It is not just complete breaks that can cause damage after an accident has taken place. There are all sorts of breaks in bones that can prove to be a problem both immediately and over time. It is important to be aware of these kinds of potential injuries so that you can know if consulting a car accident lawyer is necessary.

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