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How to Get Arthritis Pain Relief!

What is Arthritis and what does inflammation have to do with your health? What can you do about the condition and are there safe alternatives to drugs with bad side effects?

Hope and Help for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Traumatic Brain injury is a growing problem with few, if any, effective treatments. Less conventional treatment options like Cranial Nerve Non-Invasive Neuromodulation, Chiropractic Neurology and unique dietary supplements that may function to provide the injured brain with an alternative energy source are emerging as potential answers for millions of people suffering the long term effects of TBI.

Spinal Decompression Gets Rid Of Pain

Your spinal cord is an extremely important part of your body as the nervous system is housed here. Much of the pain you experience in your back, legs, arms or other areas of your body comes from your spine.

Can Sciatica Be “Cured”?

Sciatica can be cured, and without the use of drugs or other pain medications. Active exercise such as stretching along with the use of interferential therapy shortens the therapy and gets the patient back moving without sciatic nerve pain.

Hip Pain and Degenerative Joint Disease

Doctors commonly believe that joints degenerate because of disease intrinsic to the joint itself; for this reason they characterize the problem as a “joint disease.” In addition, doctors do not carefully examine the bodies of their patients and as a result do not understand that joint dysfunction is mainly brought on by the prolonged stress of contracted body tissues outside the joint. A joint is stressed when the tissues surrounding it become tight and contracted.

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